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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Try This Sometime

A person, with whom I rarely discuss politics, asked me yesterday what I thought of President Trump after 100 days.  That led to me explaining the things he had done that I liked and things about which I was not happy.  Then I asked her what she thought.  She told me that she disliked Trump because he was anti-women, homophobic and racist.  So I decided to keep going.  I asked her this question:  "what has Trump done that is anti-gay?"  The response was silence.  So I continued.  "What has Trump done that is racist?"  Here, I got a response.  She said "Trump is rounding up people at random and deporting them."  I said, "No he's not."

At that point, the conversation took another turn.  I tried a different way.
"Are you in favor of keeping in the USA convicted criminals who are here illegally?"
Here answer was an unsurprising "NO".  She wants criminals deported.
"So if ICE is rounding up convicted criminals, you're ok with that, right?"
Her answer was "Yes."
I continued.  "What about gang members or drug sellers who are here illegally?  Should they be deported?"
Her answer again was "Yes."
"And what about people who had their day in court under Obama and who were ordered deported?  Should they be sent home?"
Once again, her answer was "Yes."
"Well that's all that Trump is doing.  Those are the people who are being rounded up and deported.  The people you agree should be deported are the ones who are actually being deported."

That led to a priceless response:  "Are you sure?"

After explaining what the current policy of the federal government is regarding deportation, I moved on.  I asked her to ignore abortion since that was an issue on which the country has been divided for many decades.  I asked her what makes Trump anti-women.

Her first response was abortion.  So we had the conversation about how abortion is a difficult issue about which people on both sides feel strongly but that it is still not an issue that is pro or anti women.  Then I asked whether there was anything else.  "He said nasty things about women," came the reply.  Earlier in the conversation, she had called President Trump an "orange monster", so I decided to go for it.  "Are you anti-men?"  She laughed and said she was not.  "But you called Trump an orange monster.  That's pretty nasty.  By your standards, that makes you anti-men."

I finally got the ultimate liberal response.  She looked at me and said, "Oh, shut up!" 

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