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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Response from Assad

The Syrian regime of Assad has finally responded to the attack by US missiles on one of the regime's air bases.  President Trump ordered that strike after Assad ignored international laws and agreements and used chemical weapons against civilians in the northern part of the country.  Until now, there had just been words, words, words from Assad.  Now, he has acted.

It is being reported that the remaining planes in the Syria airforce have been moved to locations adjacent to the Russian air base in Syria.  More than 20% of all Syrian planes were destroyed by the American missile attack.  The planes that were left are key assets for Assad.  He has moved them to try to stop any future American attacks.  Most likely, Assad's thinking is that the USA would be loathe to fire upon the Syrian planes if the missiles could hit Russian planes or pilots.

There you have it.  After the attack, we got bravado and threats of retaliation from Assad.  Now we get a demonstration of cowardice.  Assad is hiding his plane behind the protective cover of the Russian air base.

One does have to wonder if this move will make any difference to the USA.  Remember, the cruise missiles are so precise that when a building is targeted, the question asked is "Through which window do you want the missile to enter?"  Unless the Syria planes are actually in the same building as the Russian ones, they may not be safe from attack.

We will have to see if this new deployment by the Syrians of their planes will cause them to resume chemical attacks.  Hopefully, Assad has learned his lesson and will not again use such WMDs.

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