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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nothing Satisfies The Left

I just read an article about the horror of ICE deportations of illegal aliens with criminal records.  In just a week, ICE rounded up 367 illegals for deportation.  The reporter was horrified.  After all, some of those taken into custody had committed a "non-violent" offense like DUI, selling drugs, or criminal fraud.  Now, focusing on criminals (which was also what the Obama administration claimed to do) is some sort of human rights violation according to leftist reporters.

Think about this.  Supposedly, the number of people rounded up by ICE is overwhelming.  Of course, if ICE took a similar number of illegals into custody each week for the next year, the total would still be fewer than 20,000.  That's 20,000 out of eleven million illegals in the country.  The truth is that ICE will hopefully step up its raids in the coming weeks.  There are an estimated 900,000 to a million illegal aliens with criminal records in the USA today.  They need to go quickly.

And what's with the issue of whether or not the crime is a violent one?  There's no distinction between a person who drove drunk but hit no one and a person who drove drunk and ran down and killed a pedestrian.  They are both a menace to the public.

The better the enforcement of our borders, the safer America will be.  That is not something that is debatable.  It's a fact, whether or not the left likes to admit it.

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