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Friday, April 14, 2017

This Doesn't Help -- NBC Goes Crazy

Here's a question to consider:  if you were the United States, would you launch a missile attack on a North Korean nuclear test site if you thought that the NKs were about to test an underground nuclear weapon for the sixth time?  According to NBC News, that's the plan of the Trump Administration.  To be clear, we are not talking about the NKs launching an attack on another country; NBC News says that the Pentagon will strike the NKs just to prevent an underground blast which would have the effect of reducing the North Korean stockpile of nuke from an estimated six bombs to five.

Let me be clear; I don't believe the report for a minute.  An attack on the nuclear test site would be an existential threat to the North Korean regime.  We little Kim to fail to respond, he would likely be overthrown by his military.  That means that the North Koreans would, at a minimum, launch some sort of retaliatory strike on American servicemen in South Korea and on the South Koreans as well.  While the nuclear test site is highly restricted and casualties of an American strike would be very low, a couterstrike by the NKs could literally kill hundreds of thousands of people in South Korea just in the initial artillery blasts.  If the North Koreans go all out, we could see nuclear strikes on Seoul, Tokyo, or even Honolulu.  With a little advance planning, the North Koreans could even strike Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle with nukes.

No American president is going to risk that result just to stop a nuclear test.  NBC may not like President Trump, but it is irresponsible for the network to report idiocy like this latest story.  After all, while I think it is just a crazy scare story designed to make Trump look bad, the North Koreans may think it is real.  That could lead North Korea to decide to strike first.  To say the least, the non-stop NBC campaign against President Trump is not helpful for keeping the peace.


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