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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Police Watch As Trump Rally Attacked in Berkeley

For the third time this year, a pro-Trump rally was attack in Berkeley.  For the third time, the local police did essentially nothing to stop the fighting. 

Think about this.  The rally to support the President was announced a few weeks ago.  That led the very fascist group which surprisingly claims to be anti-fascist to organize to disrupt the rally.  The Antifa (for anti-fascist) disrupters came, as usual, clad all in black with black masks that cover the whole head with holes for the eyes.  They periodically attacked people attending the rally and the result was a melee.  The police, however, did not break up the fights.

It was a strange event.  Prior to the rally, one Antifa posted on social media that the goal for the rally was the "scalps" of 100 pro-Trump "Nazis".  No one could have mistaken what that meant, especially not the local government or the police.  Then, when the Antifa group came to the rally, they found that there was a group among that rally that was ready for them.  Here is a picture posted on line on the Twitter account of Journalism Is Dead @TheDailyBail

Once again, any policeman would understand that the guys shown in the picture were ready to fight the Antifa group when their attack came.  The police, however, stayed back according to reports.

Needless to say, there was a big fight and blood in the streets.  At least no one was killed.

During the Obama administration, the Department of Justice moved in whenever there was a claim that a policeman shot a minority youth without just cause.  No matter the facts of the case, the "investigation" usually ended with a consent decree being entered which gave the feds significant control over the local police.  The actions of the police in this latest street fight indicate pretty clearly that the Berkeley police are engaging in discrimination against those who would gather to express political views contrary to the ones held by the local city government.  Maybe it's time for the DOJ to start an investigation of the Berkeley police department.

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