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Friday, April 28, 2017

The UN Human Rights Council is Troubled by Arkansas

In what has to be the most hypocritical statement ever, the UN Human Rights Council announced that it is "deeply troubled" by the recent executions of four convicted murderers in the state of Arkansas. 
Think about that.  Four men who murdered people, who got fair trials, who got appeals and more appeals and who had a full chance to litigate their guilt or innocence were found guilt and sentenced to death.  Then the state of Arkansas actually carried out the executions rather than waiting for more litigation.  The shortest time since being convicted for any of these murderers was 12 years, so they had plenty of opportunity to try to overturn their sentences.  This is what the UN Human Rights people found troubling.

Now think about what the UN Human Rights Council has done with regard to the slaughter of half a million civilians in Syria.  Think about what this same group did when hundreds of thousands were starved to death by warlords fighting in Sudan/South Sudan.  Think of what the UN Human Rights Council has said about the Iranians who imprison anyone who opposes the government.  Think of what the UN said about the government of Venezuela which has taken to using thugs for executing opponents in the streets if they have the temerity to protest.  Apparently those millions of deaths with no chance of a reprieve was just not "deeply troubling".  In other words, the UNHRC is a completely BS organization. 

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