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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Who Could Possibly Care?

Maxine Waters is a Congresswoman with a big mouth and a tiny brain.  In just the last few months, she's talked about how the Russians under Putin invaded Korea (something which never happened.)  She frequently mentions positions that are at best outlandish and, more likely, just plain crazy.  Today, she told a crowd at a rally that she does not respect President Trump and that he should be impeached.  Of course, she had no basis for the impeachment other than that she doesn't like Trump, but for moron Maxine, that doesn't matter.

Think about this woman for a moment.  A few weeks ago, Bill O'reilly said that he hair made her look like James Brown.  That was denounced as sexist and racist by the left.  Today, however, she issues a baseless call to impeach the President, something that will not be happening, and the same people cheer.  The reality is that America should not focus on Ms. Waters hair, but on her intelligence (or lack of it.) 

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