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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Team Obama Just Lies To Cover Up The Truth

It never fails to amaze me.  I just read an article by the AP reporting on how senior aides to president Obama are explaining that Obama planned a strike just like the missile attack on Syria that President Trump just ordered but Obama was "stymied" by the "Republican controlled Congress".

The article is completely and obviously false.  It's a lie.  Even so, the AP publishes this obvious lie without ever point out the falsehoods or even asking the Obama people about it.

Let's start with the obvious.  In 2013 when Obama supposedly planned the strike on Syria, the Republicans did not control Congress.  The GOP held the House but the Democrats controlled the Senate.  There was no vote in the Senate by those Democrats supporting Obama even though they had a 55-45 majority.  There was also no vote by the House because as the time for the vote got close, Obama announced a deal with Russia and Syria (which the Syrians have now broken.)  No one stymied Obama; he chose not to act.

Then there's the second point:  Trump acted within the scope of his authority as president.  Obama could easily have done the same thing.  After all, Obama seemed to have no problem sending US planes on hundreds of bombing raids in Syria during 2015 and 2016 without Congressional action.  Back in 2013, however, Obama actually held a news conference to announce that the USA would act against Syria but instead decided to throw the whole mess to Congress so that he would not have to make a decision.  Obama could have acted but chose not to.

So Ben Rhodes and others can come forward with lies today and the AP can repeat those obvious lies as if they are valid, but don't be fooled.  There is no way to cover up for Obama's endless dithering and refusal to act.  He didn't lead.  He didn't lead from behind.  Obama ran away from behind.

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