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Monday, April 10, 2017

That Changed Fast...But Has Anyone Noticed?

For month after month since November, there has been a constant media storyline about how collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign "hacked" the election.  There hasn't yet been any proof of collusion or cooperation, but that has not stopped the stories.  We got constant speculation which just got worse and worse.  Most recently, we were told in breathless prose by the mainstream media that after the election, the brother of a woman who President Trump nominated to be Secretary of Education (a few months later) went on a trip to the tropical Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean and -- get this -- had dinner with a Russian he met there.  What more proof could you want, the media screamed.  Here's a guy who had no real connection with the Trump campaign who, after the election, spoke to a Russian.  Only the truly delusional could consider this evidence of anything other than their own insanity.

Then everything changed.  President Trump launched missiles at the Syrian air base from which the chemical attacks took place.  It was a major blow to Russian prestige since it meant that either the Russians were complicit in poison gas attacks or that the Syrians had bamboozled them by keeping sarin gas after the Russians said Syria had none.  Trump also made the Russians look impotent in the face of American power.  It's kind of hard to continue the story of how close Putin and Trump are when something like this happens.

The media did not miss a beat.  The story changed from Russia/Trump collusion and cooperation to how Trump's actions were dangerous and unclear.  Here's the headline from one article today:  "US and Russia haven’t been this close to a clash since the Cold War."  Even more ridiculous, there are still outlets in the mainstream media that seem not to have noticed and who continue to tell us about the collusion and cooperation.  By next week we will, no doubt, be reading how Putin and Trump have planned to fight a small war to cover up the collusion.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if the media would report actual facts?

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