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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Message The Dems Don't Want To Hear

Doug Schoen is a long time Democrat operative with very close ties to the Clintons.  He's a centrist rather than a far left ideologue, so he is something of a rarity these days within the Democrat party.  I read his take on the special election in Georgia last Tuesday, and it is a message that I doubt the Democrats want to hear.  Schoen says that simply being the opposition to President Trump is not enough for Democrats.  They need to have a positive plan for the country.  There simply are not enough voters willing to make their selection out of anger at Trump for the Democrats to win.

The lack of any positive policy proposals from the Democrats is something that I have been discussing for a long, long time on this site.  We went through all of the 2016 election with Hillary Clinton running on a platform best described as "I am not Donald Trump."  The Democrats in Congress have followed that with "We oppose Trump in everything he does."  Thus, they slow walked Cabinet confirmations and refused to even discuss Obamacare replacement with the White House.  The Democrats, however, have no plan to rescue that failing healthcare law or to reform taxes or to modify anything else.  They remain the party of "no change" from the current mess, but they oppose Trump.

Time will tell if this view of the Democrats is correct.  Will the American people support pure opposition?  I don't think so, but hey, you never know.

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