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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Antifa --or -- Men In Black 4

To date, there have been three "Men In Black" movies.  The first was pretty funny; the second not so much; and the third was a true dud.  Now, when no one wants another, it seems there a group trying for Men In Black 4.  That group is the Antifa protesters who seem focused in Berkeley, California.

For those who have been asleep for the last few months, the Antifa bills itself as an anti-fascist group.  Its members show up in black outfits with black masks and head coverings.  They look like comic book ninjas (except they're not mutant ninja turtles.)  The Antifa is strangely named since the group used the practices of European fascist organizations of the past.  They oppose most of the basic liberties that define America.  Free speech is not allowed; only speech of which the Antifa approves is acceptable.  Freedom of assembly is also not allowed; indeed, Antifa seems to thrive on stopping anyone other than them from holding a meeting.  The reality of the Antifa group is that of a secret group of thugs seeking to control politics and people by intimidation and violence.

It really is time for all Americans to stand up and denounce this group.  They are the Ku Klux Klan in different color clothes.  They are the Nazis in English rather than German.  They are reprehensible and they need to be stopped.

For the last few years, tension has been building in this country along the political fault lines.  Conservatives distrust liberals and vice versa.  Since President Trump won the election, that divide has only grown deeper.  Nevertheless, we all need to remember that support of basic liberties for all people forms the foundation of this nation.  We man not like what someone says, but we have to accept his or her right to say it.  We simply cannot stand by and watch as freedom of speech is assaulted.  Even when the assault comes from those best described as violent comic book characters, it has to be strongly opposed.  Do not sit and watch.  Take a stand!

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