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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How Did This News Slip Through?

Reuters has published an article outlining a major success in confronting North Korea.  China has not only announced that it will not import any more coal from North Korea for the rest of 2017, but it has also now forced the Chinese trading companies to return to North Korea all of the coal that had been shipped to China by the NKs.  This may not sound like much, but coal accounts for nearly half of North Korea's foreign earnings each year and China is the NKs biggest customer by far.  The order to return the coal came from the Chinese government while the country's leader was meeting with President Trump last week.  In addition, the Chinese have started importing coal from the USA again to replace the supply from North Korea.  The article says that in March, the Chinese imported 400,000 tons of American coal.  That's a lot of jobs for coal miners in an industry that Obama almost destroyed.

On the whole, this looks like a foreign policy success for President Trump and his team.  President Obama tried to get Chinese cooperation on North Korea for eight years with no success.  President Trump has gotten results with the Chinese in just a few months.  On top of that, Trump has gotten some help for the American coal industry.

I wonder how this news story got onto Reuters.  They never like to publish things that make Trump look good.

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