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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Key To Understanding

There was a little publicized poll question in the latest Fox News Poll that explains something that most of the media just doesn't get.  It was a relatively innocuous sounding question that asked in essence if respondents thought that President Trump was keeping his campaign promises or not.  This is not a poll of just Trump supporters but rather of registered voters.  Think about that for a moment.  What would your answer be?  Is President Trump keeping his campaign promises?  What do you think the nation thinks about that?

The results of this poll question are striking.  Roughly two-thirds of those asked say that Trump is keeping his promises.  The rest either say no or are undecided.  Is that what you expected?

If you read or watched the coverage of the mainstream media of Trump's 100 days, you would think that the majority would view Trump as unsuccessful keeping his promises.  There must have been hundreds if not thousands of articles written describing the supposed failure of Trump's first days in office.  Sure, there were some reports that went the other way, but not in the mainstream media.  Nevertheless, the American people are able to see the reality that the media won't discuss.  This poll question is proof of that.

Now this is just one poll question, and we all know how wrong the polls were last November.  This question doesn't actually tell us that two-thirds of all Americans hold this view.  The real number could be 80% or 55% or somewhere in between.  The poll is just a strong indicator that the majority of Americans believe that Trump is keeping his word to the country. 

If you really want to evaluate the success or failure of the first 100 days, this result is much more important than the number of bills signed into law.

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