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Friday, April 14, 2017

Nothing Seems To Matter To The Net Libs

If you ever use Twitter, you surely have seen the army of people who spout propaganda.  There are plenty of crazies who tell us about this conspiracy theory or that one, and they come in all political persuasions.  As a group, the crazies don't seem to care about facts; often, they "know" that the facts are "lies".  Some of the stuff is really ridiculous, but most of it is far worse. 

Today, I saw a new line of tweets from the Net Libs, those on the far left who spend hours denouncing the USA and/or President Trump on the net.  There's a group of people who are denouncing the use of the MOAB in Afghanistan as a "war crime".  MOAB is the huge bomb that was dropped over the cave complex where ISIS fighters were hiding in a remote region in Northeast Afghanistan.  Why, you may ask, is dropping a big bomb a "war crime"?  The answer on Twitter, at least, is the huge numbers of civilian casualties which result from using that bomb.  Of course, there is one major problem with that analysis:  there were no civilian casualties.

Think about this for a moment.  The MOAB was used on a cave complex which was miles from the nearest village.  There are not even any farms or grazing areas for animals near the mountainous site of the caves.  The only people who were there were ISIS fighters.  Current reports state that about 40 of those ISIS terrorists were killed.  Given the estimate that ISIS has between 600 and 800 fighters in all of Afghanistan, this one bomb blast killed 5% or more of ISIS' forces in that country.  So no civilian casualties occurred but maximum damage to ISIS resulted.  That's not a war crime; it's a victory.

Is it possible that the Net Libs know this?  Certainly, they should, if they are going to discuss the effect of the MOAB.  They tweet about civilian casualties due to the MOAB and then attach pictures of such casualties from the Vietnam War.  That was 45 years ago, long before the MOAB was even invented. 

The truth is that these Net Libs are most upset because the MOAB has been used under President Trump.  Apparently, killing ISIS terrorists is bad policy if Trump is president, but fine if Obama were still in office.  It's just sad.

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