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Monday, April 17, 2017

More Fake Punditry in Action

Fareed Zakaria is back with some new idiocy to add to his prior Fake Punditry.  Today, Zakaria tells us all that two unnamed high Obama officials said that president Obama would have done the same thing in Syria that President Trump just did.  In other words, they were sure that Obama would have ordered a cruise missile strike after the poison gas attack by the Assad forces.

When I read that, I started to laugh.  It's ridiculous.  Zakaria tells us this garbage as if it is valid and true.  Obama would have ordered a strike, therefore it is no big deal that Trump did it.  Here's the problem with that phony narrative:  the poison gas attack to which Trump responded was not the first since Syria supposedly gave up all of its chemical weapons.  For more than a year, the Assad forces were firing weapons filled with chlorine gas at civilians.  That gas may not be as deadly as sarin, but it is a chemical weapon of the sort that Assad had promised not to use, not to make and not to stockpile.  Obama's response was not even to acknowledge those gas attacks.  In that way, Obama was able to ignore having to respond in any way.  Once Trump took office, there were no chlorine attacks; Assad instead used the sarin gas and got 59 cruise missiles from the USA in exchange.  Obama did nothing, but Trump acted to stop the chemical attacks.  Any claim that Obama would have done the same thing is laughable.

To be fair, there is another possible angle to what Zakaria said.  He referenced "high Obama officials".  Maybe these people were high when they said this garbage.  That's the only way it make sense.

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