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Friday, April 7, 2017

Do You Want A Good Laugh?

It's quite a combination when you think about it.  Jen Psaki, that purveyor of double-talk at the State Department during the Obama years wrote a column today for CNN about the American action in hitting Syria with cruise missiles.  What do you think was the point of her piece?  Think about it, and it should take you at least a second to provide the answer:  Jen Psaki is critical of how President Trump acted.  What a surprise!  Psaki and CNN are criticizing the decision.

The best part of the column, however, is not what Psaki criticizes, but rather that before she launches into her criticism, she first admits that she doesn't know how Trump came to his conclusions.  She tells us how president Obama - before deciding not to act - always asked his advisors what would happen after a proposed plan of action was adopted.  Obama, according to Psaki, wanted strong proof how the future would turn out.  That's why his constant decision was to stay frozen in fear of what might happen.

Psaki also wants President Trump to outline his long term plan for Syria.  After all, Psaki says, we have now launched this attack so the American people have a right to know what we are planning for the next century.  I know it is three months ago, but if you can remember all the way back to when Obama was president, you surely remember those long speeches Obama delivered and policy papers he delivered to the media in which he explained American policy in the Middle East once he sent our troops back into Iraq once ISIS appeared on the scene.  And then there were those long explanations of American policy in Syria once US planes started hitting targets in that country and US special operators were inserted into Syria on the ground.  Wait -- you don't remember those explanations?  That's because there were none.  Obama never announced a coherent policy for Iraq and Syria because he never had one.  Now, the woman who was his communications director and who knows very well that no such policy was ever announced by Obama, is writing for CNN to criticize President Trump for not yet setting forth a detailed Syria policy.

It's so sad to watch these people flailing around trying to find a reason to criticize Trump.  I know that the American military took a one time action to clearly warn Assad that he better not ever again use chemical weapons.  The media knows this too.  Even, I think, Jen Psaki knows this.  The libs just can't seem to help themselves, though.  They have to lodge complaint after complaint about Trump even when those very complaints make the libs look like idiots.

Look, events may change things as we move forward.  That's what happens every day.  But for now, let's try honesty when it comes to Syria.  The move by President Trump last night was clear, forceful and effective.  The libs may not remember what those words mean after eight years of Obama, but the rest of us do.  It's nice to be able to use them once again.

1 comment:

fastcarken said...

All that should be said is: Obama drew a RED LINE figuratively in Syria Sand for ASSAD.
Just an idle threat.
Trump, SAID NOTHING and ordered the missile attack on the air base.
WHO do you think the WORLD RESPECTS???