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Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Outrage -- President Trump calls Warren Pocahontas

President Trump spoke to the NRA today.  During his speech, he mentioned that the Democrat candidate in 2020 is likely to come to speak to the group.  He mentioned that it might be a woman, "even Pocahontas".  That was it.  Twitter blew up.  So did Facebook.  The lefty trolls went crazy over this "outrage" from Trump.  How dare he call Warren "Pocahontas"!  Just because senator Warren falsely claimed to have Cherokee heritage in order to get her jobs at the law schools at Penn and Harvard, it is still bad form to mention her lies on that subject.  Right!  The left doesn't care what lies Warren told; they only care that she is one of them.  Anything that reflects poorly on her is, therefore, an outrage.  These outraged people are the same ones who constantly call the President everything from an OompaLoompa to Hitler to a fascist to a racist to you name it.  Those names have no basis in fact.  But if you call the dishonest Warren who defrauded two universities to get ahead, you are committing an unforgiveable sin.

I hope Trump keeps it up.  Someone has to tell the truth about people like Warren.

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