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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Here We Go Again

It seems never to end.  Every week we hear stories about yet another member of the Trump team who is being fired or resigning.  So far, Steve Bannon has been reported about to be fired at least six times or about to resign at least three times.  Bannon is still at the White House.  Chief of Staff Reince Pribus has been reported about to be fired countless times.  He's still there.  Kellyanne Conway has been reported to have only days left before she was to be fired or to resign on multiple occasions.  She's still at the White House.  Even Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law has been reported on the way out as an adviser.  Needless to say, he's still there.  The stories about Sean Spicer being forced out by the President are legion.  Spicer is still at the podium in the daily briefings at the White House.  And to be clear, each time one of these reports surfaces, the story is repeated in countless media outlets.  No one in the White House is immune from these bogus stories of imminent departure.  There even have been reports that the President was filing for divorce from the First Lady.  She's still there too.

I repeat all this because today we have a story that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is about to resign or be fired.  There's no real basis for the story, but that seems never to stop the mainstream media.  Sean Spicer was asked today if the President still had confidence in the AG.  Spicer said that he had not discussed this with the President and would not comment.  That led to a number of follow up questions with Spicer finally explaining that he doesn't give answers to questions regarding the President's views if he hasn't discussed the subject with the President first.  That was it!  Sessions is now on the list of those on the way out the door.

In many ways, this is another version of the story that the White House is in chaos.  Of course, that story follows how the Trump primary campaign was in chaos, the Trump convention team was in chaos, the Trump general election team was in chaos, the Trump transition team was in chaos, and the entire administration is in chaos.  It's just chaos and departures all the time according to the media, but somehow major things get done and no one leaves.  Since the inauguration, the only people to leave have been General Flynn who was fired, the director of communications who just resigned, and a deputy of General Flynn who was put in a different job.  In other words, the media reported something on the order of 60 of the 3 departures from the administration.

They need to give this stuff a rest.  Even for Fake News this stuff seems Fake.

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