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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Terrorism In Iran

There were two terror attacks in Teheran today.  Gunmen hit buildings at the Iranian parliament and also at a shrine to the late Ayatollah Khomenei.  There are multiple deaths.  According to the Iranian news, a third terror attack was thwarted before it could happen.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.  It seems that terror has come home.

Iran has been the most important state sponsor of terrorism for many years now.  It funds Hezbollah almost by itself.  It provided sanctuary for al Qaeda for over a decade.  It has fomented terror attacks from as close to neighboring Iraq all the way to Argentina on the other side of the globe.  To my knowledge, this is the first major terror attack inside Iran, however. 

It is no surprise that the assailants are part of ISIS.  In Syria, Iranian troops are fighting ISIS in a minor way.  The Iranians mostly attack the Sunni rebels fighting Assad, but lately they have hit a few ISIS positions.  Further, since most Iranians are Shiites and since ISIS considers Shiites to be infidels, the attack is totally consistent with ISIS dogma.

It will be interesting to see if this is just the first of many attacks or if it is a one time event.  Life in Iran is supposedly controlled by the secret police, but that control may not be as total as we have been led to believe.  There is also the question whether or not domestic opposition to the mullahs in Iran will link up with the terrorists.  I certainly hope not.  I would like to see the Iranian regime fall, but not in cooperation with the monsters of ISIS.

No doubt, the Iranians will soon blame the USA and Israel for the attacks.  It will be easier for them to blame us than to admit that ISIS terrorists penetrated their defenses.  The real question right now is whether or not we see a different target for the Syrian and Hezbollah forces in Syria.  If those forces join the fight against ISIS, then we will know that Teheran is taking the threat from ISIS seriously.

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