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Saturday, February 28, 2015

So Explain This

Yesterday, there was a vote in the House for three week extension of funding for the Department of Homeland Security.  In that vote all of the Democrats voted NO.  About five hours later, the House voted on an extension of funding for one week.  This time nearly every Democrat voted YES.  The story in the media, however, is about the Republicans "who want to shut down the government."  There is no way to reconcile what happened except that the Democrats were playing politics with DHS.  First of all, there is no real difference between a one week and a three week extension.  In other words, there is no reason for all the Democrats to oppose three weeks while supporting one week especially when the supposed goal of the Democrats is an extension for seven months.  The only explanation is that the Democrats want to keep the issue in the news and a three week extension might let it slip off the front page.  Remember that when you hear the next story about how the GOP is playing politics with the nation's security.

It is also worth noting that the GOP is not blame free here.  The House ought to act logically and split the bill into parts.  They can fund the Coast Guard and TSA and the other parts of DHS through the end of the year in a so-called clean bill.  Then they can fund the remnant.  That bill should provide that limits on paying for the Obama executive action on immigration.  If that won't pass, then they ought to provide that in view of the court decision staying Obama's program, no funds can be spent implementing that program unless and until there is a final judgment in that case.

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