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Friday, February 27, 2015

Those Pesky Emails

It seems that the IRS lied.  Remember those Lois Lerner emails that were "permanently lost"?  Well, they're not actually lost at all.  The inspector general of the Treasury Department was able to find backup tapes containing over 30,000 Lerner emails with less than a two week effort.  The ease of finding and sorting the email was so substantial that the inspector general says that the first failure to produce the documents may have amounted to criminal behavior.

Understand what is happening here:  Congress demanded production of certain email and documents.  The IRS refused to produce them and claimed that all the key documents had been permanently lost.  Congress demanded again that there be a search for these email and documents.  The IRS told Congress that it had made an exhaustive search but was unable to come up with the email.  Now a small team from the IG office spends a short time looking and finds over 30,000 email that fall within the scope of the original demand from Congress. 

It sure seems that the IRS did not want to find the Lerner emails.  Remember, for those who claim that the IRS investigation is some sort of partisan witch hunt, the IG at Treasury is part of the Obama administration.  It sure looks like there are some bad things afoot at the IRS, and, without a doubt, there's a lot more than a "smidgeon" of corruption at the IRS now on display.



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