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Friday, April 7, 2017

Can We Get Serious Now?

For those who run around with buttons saying "#Not My President", last night should have been a wake up call.  Whether they like it or not, Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America.  He has the power to take actions that affect the entire world, and he is doing just that.  The seemingly endless hissy fit by those whose candidate lost the November elections needs to come to an end.  There are just too many real problems with which to contend for America to be enmeshed in battles pushed by people who refuse to recognize reality.

It would make sense for the opposition to move past the view that everything Trump is wrong and must be opposed.  That is a formula for being completely ignored.  Oh, the media will cover it, and the resistance can thrill itself with each story.  The problem, however, is that policy will move on with no input from the resistors.  For example, the Senate Democrats filibustered judge Gorsuch yesterday and got pushed aside as a result.  When the next nomination to the Court comes, and it will likely be soon, President Trump won't have to consider the views of the Democrats when he makes his choice.  Schumer and the other Dems lost what little influence that they would otherwise have.  The same thing is going to happen when tax reform moves forward.  If the Democrats are just all opposition all of the time, they will have no input into the end product.  Simply put, by staying in the world of denial, the Democrats withdraw not only from reality, but also from having any influence on that reality.


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