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Monday, April 3, 2017

It's About As Close To Obama As One Can Get

Bloomberg is reporting that Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice made a very large number of requests to "unmask" Americans caught up in surveillance activities by federal agencies and that those requests involved the Trump campaign and transition team.  It is unclear if those requests also involved unmasking President Trump himself.  This is a huge bombshell if it is true.

Think about it.  As National Security Adviser, Rice had constant contact with president Obama.  She met with him almost every day.  She could easily have filled Obama in on what the Trump people were doing, who they were meeting, what they were planning, etc.  Let's forget the legalities of the situation for a moment; we don't have sufficient information to know if what Rice did constituted a crime (although it sure looks like it is.)  Let's just consider the propriety of having the Obama administration using the federal intelligence agencies to gather information on the Trump team and Trump himself.  It sounds more like the activities suitable for the KGB or the Gestapo than for the FBI, CIA and NSA.

And while there is no evidence yet that Obama ordered this to be done, it is almost inconceivable that Rice was busy gathering the information without filling in her boss.  It is an amazing turn in the story.

By the way, the involvement of Susan Rice also explains why Devin Nunes had to go to the White House grounds to see the information about unmasking.  Only the logs of the National Security Council (of which Rice was the head) would identify who asked that the Americans in the intelligence material be unmaked.  Those logs can only be accessed at the White House where the NSC is located. 

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