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Monday, May 1, 2017

Swatting Flies With A Sledgehammer

The Democrats have a new analysis of why Hillary lost to President Trump last November.  The new story is that too many voters who had chosen Obama in 2012 went with Trump in 2016.  This explanation is replacing the one that the party had previously used, namely that more Republicans turned out for Trump than Democrats for Hillary.

To call this all ridiculous does not do it justice.  Why not just say Hillary lost because more voters in key states chose Trump than her?  That gives us about as much insight as the other explanations.  The argument whether or not 2016 was a base election or a swing election doesn't change anything.  Trump won.  2020 will be an election held under a different set of circumstances.  2016 will never be revoted, so none of this make even a tiny bit of difference.

The Democrat insiders, of course, don't agree with all that.  The pollsters and advisers have to come up with insight so that they will continue to be paid.  Remember, Hillary Clinton had a campaign staff that was five times larger than the one Trump had.  She got all that wonderful and insightful advice.  Then she lost.  Most of what the political professionals come up with is just plain hokum.

They haven't asked me, but I'm going to add my view as to why Hillary lost.  The Democrats can use this if they want, and I'm not even going to charge if they do.  Hillary lost because she didn't stand for anything.  Most Americans knew what Trump wanted to do, what he wanted to change, how he planned to improve the lives of the average American.  They could agree or disagree with Trump, but they understood that Trump respected them enough to tell them his plans.  Hillary never told us what she would do.  We got poll tested pablum devoid of meaning.  She wouldn't even openly say that he campaign was just more of the same that Obama had been delivering.  No, all we really got was that she wasn't Trump and she was also a woman.  It was insulting to think that she didn't trust the intelligence of the average voter sufficiently to tell that person what Hillary planned to do in office.  Of course, it may well be that Hillary herself had no plans; I often thought that, but am still willing to give her the benefit of the doubt by calling her an self-important elitist who distrusted the American people rather than a megalomaniacal but brain dead fool who needed power but had no idea what to do next.  So, Dems, if you want to win in 2020, give us a candidate with ideas that get shared with the American people.  You'll have a chance to win if those ideas are good ones. 

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