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Saturday, August 6, 2016

A BIG Move in Syria, If True

French news sources are reporting some extremely important news from Syria; they say that the siege of Aleppo by the Assad regime forces has been broken and that the Assad forces are being thrown back.

It's hard to overstate the importance of this news, but first a caveat is in order.  We have to emphasize that the news is important only if it is true.  We won't know that for a few days.  Let's assume that the news is actually true.  It means that the Sunni rebels who are NOT led by ISIS have pushed back the Assad army composed of the remnants of the Syrian regular army, Iranian troops, terrorists from Hezbollah and Russian forces.  The Assad forces have been trying to starve the rebels out of Aleppo and have put somewhere between a quarter and half a million people in that city in a position where both food and water are scarce.  The Assad forces have been willing to seen hundreds of thousands of civilians die if it would lead to the defeat of the rebels.  If the siege has been broken, then food and water can be restored for all these people.

The news is also very important because it shows the inability of Assad and his allies to beat even part of the rebel forces.  Hezbollah has been reeling from huge losses on the front of the battle, and there have been signs of unrest back in Lebanon which is the home of Hezbollah.  There have also been high losses for the Iranians, but there is unlikely to be unrest back in Iran because it's just too dangerous to oppose the government there.

Elsewhere in Syria, the same rebel groups that were fighting in Aleppo combined with Kurdish forces defeated ISIS troops at a key cross roads town.  The fighting there was done with a small effort by US air power to assist the anti-ISIS force.

Let's hope that the news today is true.  It would be great to think that we aren't about to witness mass death by starvation inflicted on the people of Aleppo by the monster Assad.

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