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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Could Someone Explain This?

Here are two stories in the news:  (1) The test results for high school students this year show that those who attend charter schools performed at a much higher level than those in regular public schools.  (2) The NAACP is adopting the position that there should be no further charter schools created.

Think about that.  A much great percentage of students in the worst performing regular public schools are African American.  These students are stuck in schools in systems that somehow are unable to teach the basic skills needed to advance in life.  At charter schools, that is not the case.  Students of are taught what they need to know.  So why is it that the country's largest civil rights organization is trying to stop the expansion of charter schools?  What will the NAACP advocate for next; will they want to bring back Jim Crow laws?

The sad answer is that the NAACP seems more interested in its role as part of the Democrat party power structure than it is in advancing the African Americans that it claims to represent.  Charter schools are opposed by one very strident group that has great power within the Democrat party, namely the teachers' unions.  Many charter schools are non-union.  Even the unionized charter schools do not get pushed around by politicians to give sweetheart deals to the teachers.  Simply put, charter schools benefit the kids, but they are a threat to the educational hegemony of the unions.  That's why the charter schools are now being opposed by the NAACP.

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