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Monday, August 8, 2016

Media Dishonesty Is Just Too Much

In Quetta, Pakistan, a terrorist bomb exploded at a hospital where a group of mourners had gathered to escort the body of a local lawyer to the funeral.  More than sixty are dead.  The lawyer whose funeral was to take place had been shot and killed earlier by unknown attackers, thought to be terrorists.  It is an horrific terrorist attack in a city that is the local headquarters for the Taliban.

The attack is bad enough.  Even worse is the take from the media.  Most American outlets have not even bothered to cover the story as I write this.  The ones which have are saying that the attack "seems pre-planned" (really?) but that the motive is "unknown".  This is just too much.  When a large bomb explodes in the midst of a funeral gathering, it does not "seem" pre-planned; it "is" preplanned.  Bombs don't just grow in odd places like weeds; nor do they explode at particular times at random.  Someone prepared and detonated this blast.  There cannot be a dispute about that.  Nevertheless, the media is trained not to call something Islamic terrorism, that they cannot even bring themselves to admit that this blast was actually terrorism.  And the motive, the media says it is unknown.  That's also ridiculous.  The motive was to kill the people who died and even more if possible.  The bomber could have been targeting particular individuals, or he or she could have been targeting the type of people gathered at the hospital.  Alternatively, the bomber could just have been targeting a large gathering of people without regard to who was in the crowd.  That does not change the motive:  to kill as many people as possible.

We've now reached the point where the media can't even discuss obvious terrorist actions honestly.  It's the result of the refusal of leaders like president Obama honestly to identify the Islamic terrorists as such.  It's just too much. 

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