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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The First KNOWN Death Due To Hillary Clinton's Email Mess

Iran has just executed a nuclear scientist for "treason".  According to the Iranians, the scientist gave secret information to the USA.  The man was hanged.

Now, senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas confirms that this scientist was discussed in the emails that Hillary Clinton kept on her private unsecured server.  Did the Iranians find out about this scientist giving information to the USA by hacking Hillary's emails?  It sure looks that way.  Of course, the media will no doubt tell us again and again that there is no evidence that shows for certain that the Iranians hacked Hillary's emails.  Let's remember, however, that there's also no evidence that shows for certain that the Iranians did NOT hack Hillary's emails.

There's a reason why classified information is supposed to stay only on highly secure government systems.  The execution of this Iranian scientist for giving secrets to the USA is a perfect example of that reason.  All over the world, America has people who help the CIA or the NSA or some other intelligence agency.  Hillary put the lives of all of them at risk, and she did it for her own personal gain.  The woman is not qualified to be president.

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