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Monday, August 8, 2016

Finally, Someone in the Media Took a Look

In today's Washington Post, there is an article by Jerry Markon that examines Hillary Clinton's record as a senator from NY.  In particular, the article looks at Clinton's promise to create 200,000 jobs in upstate New York.  She made that promise while running for the senate in 2000.  The article finds that despite some sporadic efforts by Clinton, she was unsuccessful in creating jobs.  When she left office in 2008, there were fewer, FEWER, jobs in upstate New York than there had been when she made the promise eight years earlier.  This is important, not just because it discloses another lie by Clinton.  A Clinton lie is so commonplace that it is hardly newsworthy anymore.  No, this is important because the policies that Clinton promised to use to create jobs in New York are the same as the stuff she is talking about today for the nation as a whole.  She already tried and failed, but now she wants to try the same thing again on a bigger scale.  It will surely fail again.

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