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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Lost In Lies

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton spoke to reporters who were at a conference for minority members of the press.  I already wrote about her ridiculous comment that the reason for her low numbers on trustworthiness and honesty is continuing efforts by Republicans. I could not let the event pass without discussing other lies from Hillary.  Indeed, it seems that Hillary has finally gotten to the point where she can't keep her own lies straight any longer.

Hillary was asked about her emails and her interview on Fox News in which she falsely said that FBI Director Comey had verified that her prior statements regarding the emails were all true.  That claim made on Fox News Sunday was not just a lie, it was a howler.  Everyone who heard it knew it was a lie.  After all, when Hillary made the claim, Wallace played the video of the FBI director testifying to Congress that what Hillary had said was untrue.  So yesterday, a sympathetic reporter asked her if she would like to clarify her previous answer.

Here's how Hillary started her response:   “I have acknowledged repeatedly that using two email accounts was a mistake.”  Let's stop here.  This is the first time that Hillary Clinton has ever said that using two email accounts was a mistake.  There's a good reason for that:  she did not use two email accounts; she only used her personal account on the unsecure private server.  In fact, the law required Hillary to use more than one email account.  She was supposed to use the government account on a secure system for State Department business.  She was allowed to use a private email account for personal matters like those famous yoga lessons and matters pertaining to Chelsea's wedding.  It seems that Hillary has lied so frequently and changed her story so often that she has at last gotten lost in her lies.

But Hillary did not stop there.  She actually said that when she said that the FBI director had confirmed that she was telling the truth, she was only speaking about what she had said at her private interview by the FBI.  This is her new story line.  But, of course, there's a problem here too.  The FBI director wasn't at that private interview, and there was no recording of transcript of that interview.  Comey couldn't confirm Clinton's honesty in a conversation that he didn't hear.

But more important is the fact that Clinton did not stop here.  She went on to say that everything that she told the FBI was exactly what she had told the American people.  Get it?  Hillary falsely told the American people that there was no classified information sent or received on her system; the FBI confirmed that was a lie and the director so confirmed to Congress.  Hillary falsely told the American people that used her private system for personal convenience so that she would only need to have one device with her.  The FBI confirmed that she actually used multiple devices and this was another lie.  Hillary falsely told the American people that she had turned all of her work related emails over to the State Department.  The FBI confirmed this was a lie; there were over 1000 emails that were work related but which Hillary deleted rather than turning them over.  Hillary falsely told the American people that none of the email on her system were marked classified when sent or received.  This too is another lie so confirmed by the FBI.  There's more, but the point is that Hillary is now claiming that all these lies confirmed by the FBI are actually true and that the FBI confirmed this.

In other words, Hillary has reached the point where she is resorting to lies that are ridiculous.  Everyone knows she is dishonest.

What is it about Hillary Clinton that makes her unable to tell the truth? 

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