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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Going Green

Since the Green Party convention is underway in Texas, I decided to read the party platform.  To be honest, I thought the Greens were a bunch of loony people who had irresponsible ideas about governing before I began.  Reading the platform changed that.  I now know for certain that the Greens are incredibly crazy people who have no idea how the government or the country works.

Let me give you an example.  The Green platform calls for major tax cuts for the poor and the middle income groups.  There is also to be a major tax increase for the very wealthy, the so called 1%.  It sounds nice (except for the 1%), but there's a slight problem with that plan.  There's not enough money that can be taxed to ever pay for the programs that the Greens advocate.  Even if the Greens did not increase government spending (and that is not possible), the tax changes they advocate would lead to deficits of over a trillion dollars per year, something that is just not sustainable.  But the Greens want to increase spending in major ways.  They want government run healthcare.  They want the end of all student debt and free college tuition.  They want a government guarantee of food, housing, healthcare and other stuff for all Americans.  This would cost about another two trillion dollars per year according to some experts.  To be complete, I should tell you that the Greens also want to cut foreign aid and the military budget, something that would save about 300 billion dollars per year.  That would put the annual deficit at 2.7 trillion dollars.  The country could not survive that.  But is gets worse.  Were the Greens to tax away all the wealth of the 1%, all of their purchases and other economic activity would be wiped away.  America would lose a big chunk of its economy and a major recession or depression would result.  At that point, the Green policies would have guaranteed that everyone in the country would be poor, just the opposite of what they declare their goals to be.

The Greens also want to do away with all use of fossil fuel by 2030.  In 14 years, there would be no cars, no home heating or air conditioning and the like.  Would you want to cook dinner in 2030; well you most likely won't be able to do so.  The truth is that there are only a few reliable sources of power in our country.  Besides fossil fuel, we have hydroelectric and nuclear which are reliable.  Solar power is not reliable and wind power is even less so.  We cannot run our economy based upon a power system that shuts down if we have a run of very cloudy or raining days.

One of the joys of being a third party in America is that you don't even have to consider what you would do were you to win the election.  You know you will lose.  The Green party platform was written by people who know they will never have to govern.  Let's hop that never changes.

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