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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Tale of Two Rices

In the 21st century we have had two different National Security Advisors named Rice:  Condi and Susan.  There are some similarities between the two:

1.  Both wanted to be Secretary of State.
2.  Both were women of color.

More important, however, there were some major differences:

1.  Condi Rice was above reproach.  People may have disagreed with her policy views, but no one thought she was dishonest or unethical.  As for Susan Rice, well that just wasn't the case.

2.  Condi Rice went on to become Secretary of State.  Susan Rice never made it to the State Department despite campaigning for the job.  After her telling all those lies about Benghazi, the Obama people realized that there was no way she could make it through a Senate confirmation.

3.  Condi Rice was rarely on television while she was National Security Advisor.  She did her job to help guide American policy; she was not busy with political activities.  Susan Rice was much more public.  Nearly every time she went public, however, she displayed a dishonesty that made her look like an idiot.  Think, for example, of when Susan Rice told the nation that Bowe Bergdahl (who had just been the subject of an exchange with the Taliban) had been captured on the battlefield and serve the USA with honor and distinction.  Of course, Bergdahl allegedly is a deserter who sneaked out of his base and fled, a move that resulted in a major search by US forces which resulted in casualties for American servicemen looking for the deserter.

These are really two different kinds of Rice.

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