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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

For Those Who Thought There Was Some Doubt

Senator John McCain announced this afternoon that he would vote to change the Senate Rules to end the unprecedented filibuster by the Democrats against a nomination for the Supreme Court.  Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska had said the same thing earlier in the day.  With that announcement, there is no question that judge Gorsuch will be confirmed to the Court this week.

It is still a mystery to me why the Democrats undertook such a foolish filibuster when they knew they would not only lose but also look bad in the process.  Further, they are giving President Trump a much bigger victory with this nomination than he would otherwise have gotten.  The Dems are even pulling together the GOP in common revulsion at the Democrats tactics.

Maybe someone should tell us again why Chuck Schumer is considered "smart" and a "good tactician".

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