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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

CNN Goes Over The Edge

Look, we all know that CNN is biased against President Trump and the Republicans.  It's no secret.  Still, it seems really strange to watch that network which pretends to be non-partisan pile on the GOP in ways that are truly bizarre.  Just today, we have two more examples.

First Chris Cuomo announced that the Susan Rice story is without merit because an "associate" of hers told him so.  What was Cuomo expecting?  Perhaps that Rice's friend/associate was going to say, "It's true.  She committed a felony.  She's a low down dirty scoundrel." 

Since Cuomo said this early this morning, even the Washington Post has acknowledged that Rice was the one who unmasked all the Trump related personnel on a regular basis since the Spring of 2016 -- before any alleged hacking by the Russians of the DNC took place.  In other words, the spying on the Trump people started before any possible Russia investigation.  The WaPo discusses whether Rice's activities were a crime, but a large part of the mainstream media now concedes that they are real.

Now we know that Cuomo is on CNN not because of talent or brains but because of his last name.  Still, it seems idiotic for CNN to go so far into the tank for the Democrats that it would just deny the validity of the truth.

Second, CNN is also publishing a story explaining why it is good for the Democrats to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court.  Among the reasons given is that it will be the Republicans who will have killed the filibuster.  Huh?  Does CNN think that Americans are so stupid that they don't understand that it was the Democrats who 1) invented the filibuster for judicial nominations, 2) repeatedly used the filibuster for judicial nominations, 3) abolished the filibuster for judicial nominations when Republicans tried to use them too, and 4) are now using a partisan filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee for the very first time ever.

It's just more stupidity and partisanship from CNN.

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