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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Schiff Tells The Story

With the constant breaking news about the spying by the Obama administration on the Trump campaign and transition teams, it's hard to stay current.  In about ten days, the story went from 1) a media chorus that there was no proof of spying, to 2) a statement by Congressman Nunes that there was proof to 3) a media/Democrat attack on Nunes to 4) a swirl of reports on who was Nunes source (most of which turned out to be wrong) to 5) a review by Congressman Schiff of the relevant documents and computer data to 6) news that Susan Rice was the one who had conducted a year long program of unmasking all Trump related persons caught in intelligence by the NSA, CIA or FBI to 7) a furious media counter attack last night denying the Susan Rice story and covering for her to 8) Susan Rice's admission today that she did, in fact, order the unmasking of Trump personnel.  There's much more beyond that too.

So with all this flying around, how can one make sense of what has happened and been reported?  The answer is actually not that hard to figure out.  As far as we know, there are only two people who are not participants in the intelligence reviews who have seen the relevant documents; they are congressmen Schiff and Nunes.  In the past, Nunes has consistently supported the Republican view and Schiff the Democrat view.  That, however, has changed.  Since he saw the documents on Friday, Schiff has basically been silent.  Schiff has seen the evidence and now understands what happened.  Schiff's silence is a very good indicator that Rice and the Obama administration were not doing the right thing.  We can't tell the exact nature of the wrongdoing, but we know that it is there.  The fight to score political points ended for Schiff, and his need for self-preservation kicked in.  There's no way that this smart congressman is going to continue to take harsh positions once he now realizes the full extent of the wrongdoing.

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