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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Here We Go

The Senate Democrats blocked a cloture vote on the nomination of judge Gorsuch today.  Right now, the Senate Republicans are moving forward to change the Senate rules to bar the use of the filibuster on such nominations.  The Democrats were the first to change the Senate rules in 2013 when they removed the possibility to filibuster any nomination other than a Supreme Court position.  More than 99% of all nominations voted on by the Senate were covered by what the Democrats did.  They argued at the time that it was unfair to deny judges and others an up or down vote by means of a filibuster.  Now that Republicans are extending that ban on the filibuster to Supreme Court nominations, the Democrats are acting as if we are watching Armageddon. 

Hopefully, the GOP will complete the rule change procedures today and Gorsuch will be approved tomorrow.  Clearly, he will be a good addition to the Court.

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