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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Will Trump Go Ahead And Attack Syrian Chemical Weapons?

I saw a link just now to an article announcing that President Trump was considering the military options for attacking the Syrian chemical weapons facilities of the Assad regime.  That's big news.

Then I clicked on the link.  It took me to an article by CNN.  There's no way to believe the garbage that CNN pumps out.  For all I know, they put forth a Fake News story because they think it might make Trump look bad.  The story might be true, but most likely it's just speculation by CNN.  It is interesting that the story relies on an unnamed source.  My guess is that the Trump White House doesn't leak news stories to CNN these days, so I wonder who the "source" is.  For all I know, it might be Susan Rice.  (just kidding.)

It's sad that a major media outlet is now reporting so much Fake News that we can no longer take any report at face value.  I wouldn't even believe a story if CNN did a weather report for tomorrow.

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