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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Not Even A Bulldozer Is Enough

Across America, the BS from the Democrats and the left is getting so deep that it can't be cleared with a shovel.  In fact, even a bulldozer is not enough for the job.  I make these comments after reading about how the city council of Cambridge, Massachusetts is passing a resolution calling for an impeachment investigation of President Trump due to conflicts of interest.  I'm quite familiar with Cambridge; I lived there for three years when I was in law school.  It's fair to say that during the Cold War, the Cambridge city council would have criticized the Communist government of the USSR for being insufficiently leftist.  I understand that having that body criticize a Republican president is about as unusual as noticing that a living person is still breathing. Nevertheless, it is offensive and ridiculous for these leftist morons to solemnly call for impeachment of the president.  As usual, the lefties pass the resolution and the mainstream media solemnly report on this "big" news story. 

Just imagine what would have happened if the city council of some town equally as conservative as Cambridge is liberal had passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama when he lied to the people about Obamacare.  We would still hear the echoes of all the cries of "racism!" from the same media that is now reporting on the vote in Cambridge.

It's fair to say that the Democrats wouldn't vote to impeach Obama and the Republicans won't vote to impeach Trump.  The whole subject is just silly.  In modern times, the only president ever to be impeached was Bill Clinton and that was because he committed perjury.  He lied under oath in a federal court proceeding.  Even that did not get him removed from office; it was, however, a felony.

There are too many problems facing America today for us to spend time on this BS.

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