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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Congratulations to the Governor Malloy

With all that has been happening around the country and the world lately, a small news item this past week was nearly overlooked.  I think it deserves mention here.  The Department of Justice added the entire state of Connecticut to the list of jurisdictions that do not cooperate with the federal government in the enforcement of immigration laws.  That means that people who are arrested by the state police who happen to be illegal aliens will not be detained by the state if ICE files a detainer.  Compliance would not be a big burden on the state.  Basically it would involve holding someone already in jail for a few hours longer until the federal agents can arrive to take that person into custody.  This refusal by the state means that many millions of dollars in federal funds will soon be withheld from Connecticut.

Here are the key things to remember:

1.  The illegal aliens in question have already been arrested for crimes unrelated to their immigration status.  These are not ordinary people who are a credit to our community.  They are gang members, robbers, rapists, and the like.  That is who the state is protecting from deportation.

2.  Each of these people are here illegally.  The law requires that they be deported.  Nothing that the state of Connecticut does changes that federal law.

3.  None of the usual excuses for sanctuary cities justify the actions of the state.  The most common excuse is that the local police want cooperation from other illegal aliens in enforcing the law.  The proponents of sanctuary cities say that non-cooperation with ICE encourages this.  But no one will be arrested or deported if they come forward and assist the police.  The people who are the targets of enforcement are criminals, not witnesses.

Connecticut has major budget problems under governor Malloy and the Democrats.  They have raised taxes in a major way, but our budget shortfall keeps getting larger because they seem unable to control spending.  Taking steps that help convicted criminals who are supposed to be deported does not benefit the people of Connecticut, but it will make our budget deficits larger.  Malloy is having the citizens of Connecticut pay higher taxes for the privilege of having more criminals on our streets.  He really needs to go!

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Axster said...

Malloy says he isn't running again! Can we dream about Connecticut actually making a turn for the better for the first time in eons?