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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Schiff Inadvertantly Confirms The Importance of the Documents He Saw

Congressman Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was at the White House yesterday to review the documents that had been seen by Committee chair Devin Nunes last week.  Nunes indicated at the time that what he had seen was extremely important and indicated that there had been surveillance of the Trump transition team and, perhaps, of Donald Trump himself during the last months of the Obama administration.  After the review, Schiff came out and blasted the White House for letting Nunes see the documents last week but only showing them to him yesterday.

Schiff's comments are extremely important, not for what he said, but for what he did not say.  To put it mildly, Schiff is a strident partisan.  Everything he says is about advancing the position of the Democrats and hurting the Republicans.  The only comment Schiff made about the documents he had seen was that he could not comment on them.  Think about that.  The whole country knows that Schiff reviewed certain unidentified documents.  Since they are classified, Schiff could not recite their contents.  Schiff was could, however, have said that nothing he saw indicated to him that the claims that the Obama administration had collected intelligence on Trump and his people are valid.  HE DID NOT SAY THAT!  As a partisan, Schiff would be unlikely to announce that he had seen proof that the Obamacrats had conducted surveillance on Trump or that they had illegally unmasked Trump and his people in intelligence gathered on other people.  Coming from Schiff, such a statement would have broken the months long effort by Democrats to discredit the President.  On the other hand, if there were nothing in the documents, Schiff would have undoubtedly said so.

In the coming days, more of this information is going to come out.  The Schiff indicator is pretty clear that it's going to be bad stuff for the Obamacrats.

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