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Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Blockbuster Fox New Report

There's a report from Fox News that, if correct, blows the whole "Obama spied on Trump" story into a major national scandal.  According to the report,

1. the spying on Trump started before Trump was even the GOP nominee for president;

2. the illegal unmasking of US citizens (Trump and his campaign/transition people) had nothing to do with Russia and was done for political purposes just to embarrass Trump;

3. the illegal unmasking was done by a very high ranking Obama administration official who is well known to the country; and

4. Nunes found out about this last January, but the intelligence agencies have been stonewalling him and denying him access to the data.  That is why Nunes had to access the material at the White House since the only place to see that material is at the agency involved or at the White House.


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