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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why Can't We Have an HONEST Governement?

My local paper has a large article today detailing the ongoing investigation of Connecticut's governor Dan Malloy.  Malloy is suspected of having worked with the state Democrat party to violate campaign finance laws in his 2014 re-election campaign.  It's not worth going through all the details that have leaked from the grand jury, US Attorney or elsewhere.  In summary, it seems that the investigation centers on whether or not Malloy illegally took nearly half a million dollars from the Democrat party for his campaign after first taking public funds which made private funding illegal.

Why is it that we can't have honest government?  How hard is it for the governor to actually obey the law? 

On top of that, does anyone else see the irony of Malloy and the Democrats allegedly funneling campaign cash when the Democrats are constantly complaining about the need for campaign finance reform.  In ultra liberal Connecticut, the preferred liberal remedy of public finance for campaigns gets enacted, and now we hear that the Democrats and their candidate allegedly shoveled mega-bucks into their campaign in violation of the law. 

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