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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Clinton Calls for Middle Class Tax Increases

It's amazing how little attention is given to Hillary Clinton's tax plans for America.  She wants to raise taxes on the wealthy; that's not new.  What is unusual is that Clinton wants to raise taxes on the middle class too.  Frequently, the Democrats do just that, but it is unusual for that party to admit its plans to do so.

Here is Clinton telling a rally in Nebraska yesterday that she wants a big middle class tax increase.

It's interesting to note that Clinton could not fill a highschool gym in Nebraska for this rally.  The press is filled with reports that many of the people at the rally were paid by the campaign to attend.

There are few things that could hurt our economy more than raising taxes on the middle class.  That group is already squeezed.  Taking more from them in taxes will surely drive down consumption which is one of the few bright spots in our current economy.

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