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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

London Terrorist Attack?

There was an attack just hours ago in London.  A man in Russell Square used a large knife to kill one person and injure five others.  He was subdued by police with tasers.  Information about the attacker has not been released, nor has any motive for the attack been established.  What we do know, however, is that police have said that it appears to have been a terrorist attack.

It seems that Europe cannot go more than a few days without some new outrage from the Islamic terrorists.  If this were happening here in the USA, we would be told by the media and the leftist elites that the attacks were our own fault, that we had done something that led to these terrorist outrages.  As a result, I've been wondering what the people in France, Britain, Germany and Belgium did that brought all these terror attacks down on them.  Okay, I know the answer, but it is one that is unpopular among the American media and the liberals.  The truth is that all these attacks have hit Europe rather than the USA because it is Europe that has let over a million "refugees" onto that continent without even a pretense of determining who was a terrorist and who was a legitimate refugee.

Let's hope the world comes to its senses soon.

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