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Monday, August 1, 2016

Saying and Doing

Once again, we have one of those saying vs doing moments.  Donald Trump is accused of insulting the mother of a man who gave his life for this country because Trump pointed out that she said nothing while her husband spoke at the Democrat convention.  I don't see that as an insult, but the media and the usual suspects are going wild about it.

On the other hand, we have Hillary Clinton who (1) did nothing to protect our consulate in Benghazi despite repeated pleas from the Ambassador for more security, (2) did nothing to prepared State Department installations around the world to deal with possible problems on the anniversary of 9-11, (3) sent no help to those under attack but instead went home and went to sleep while the attacks on Benghazi were still underway, and (4) lied about what had happened to help her and president Obama politically. 

Since it seems to make such a difference to the media to hear this from a family member of one of the fallen, here's a short statement you should watch:


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