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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Where Your Charity Dollars Go (Gaza Version)

World Vision is an American Christian charity that has helped people around the world for years.  One place where World Vision has been active for at least the last ten years is the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian enclave run by Hamas.  News broke today that a senior employee of World Vision in Gaza has been taking roughly 60% of all the money sent to Gaza to help people rebuild and develop the area; the stolen money has gone instead to Hamas and has been used for purchase of weapons and construction of tunnels from which to attack the Israelis.  Even worse, a great many aid packages intended to help feed and clothe the destitute in Gaza were also siphoned off to Hamas and given to the terrorists fighting against Israel.

The Israelis arrested the criminal while he was crossing from Israel back into Gaza.  They Israelis made clear in their announcement that World Vision did not know what had been happening.  Indeed, the initial statement from World Vision was that it stood behind its employee.  Then the Israelis brief the World Vision people about the evidence of wrongdoing.  There have been no further statements of support from World Vision.

What sort of a group is it that steals food intended for the destitute in order to help terrorists?

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