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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Why Bother With the Press Conference?

Did you see president Obama's press conference this afternoon?  The main point pushed by the president is that there's nothing new about the story of a secret plane flight delivering 400 million dollars in cash to Iran in exchange for the four American hostages that the Iranians released.  Obama says that the USA did not pay ransom; the timing of the payment simultaneously with the prisoner release is just a coincidence.  The use of cash is just because we couldn't wire the funds to the Iranians.  The excuses were so lame that I kept waiting for Obama to suddenly start shouting "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  The great and powerful Obama has spoken!"

Why does Obama bother with such lies?  We all know and understand that the USA paid a huge ransom for the release of our prisoners and nothing that Obama says will change that.  Indeed, at the time of the prisoner release, one of the men released related his story of what had happened.  He said that he and the other prisoners were on a plane at the airport in Iran but they just waited for hours with nothing happening.  Finally, he asked one of his captors what was happening and he was told that they were awaiting the arrival of another plane and that if that other plane did not show up, the prisoners would not be released.  The other plane, of course, was the unmarked plane with the four hundred million in cash. 

We could have a debate as to whether or not it makes sense to pay ransom to terrorists or terrorist states like Iran.  My answer would be not to pay ransom, but I can see where others could disagree.  Of course, having such a debate would require the American people to be told the truth by Obama and his people, but the need for truth is something that Obama just won't accept.

It's a sad day to see that after eight years of lies from Obama, the Democrats have nominated Hillary Clinton to replace him.  Hillary is perhaps the only politician in America who is less honest than Obama.

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