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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

47% vs. 1%

In the 2012 election cycle there was much coverage in the media about a video showing Mitt Romney at a private event discussing he 47% who get federal benefits as unlikely to vote for him.  Romney did not attack those people, he just commented on their expected voting patterns.  Now there's a video of Hillary Clinton at a private event telling her audience that as president she would topple the 1% who have the highest incomes.  Hillary is not talking about voting patterns; she is talking about breaking these people.  "Toppling" is Hillary's word.  Of course, this is a bit funny since life for Hillary has been a relentless pursuit of joining the 1%, a goal she accomplished and then some.  Nevertheless, here is a presidential candidate threatening destruction of the most successful people in the country; it ought to be getting major coverage.  Of course, the story is barely covered in the mainstream media. 

Hillary is not fit to be president, but that won't stop the media from trying.


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