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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It Keeps Getting Funnier

Hillary Clinton showed up in Iowa today to meet with a few students at a community college in front of a phalanx of reporters.  In a truly hypocritical moment, Hillary told the students that there's something terrible wrong when the officers of a corporation makes so much more than the workers.  No one laughed, but the good manners of the students does not make Hillary any less of a hypocrite.  Remember, this is the woman who just spent two years charging $250,000 or $300,000 for a half hour speech.  Even when she appeared at a charitable event, Hillary charged these big buck prices.  But she has the nerve to start her campaign denouncing the corporate officers who make a lot less than she does. 

The reality is that we all know that Hillary is not that great a speaker.  The charges for her speeches, like the contributions to the Clinton foundation, are not really payment for services.  In truth, they are disguised campaign contributions which let Hillary raise money while evading the requirements of the law.

Hillary is such a hypocrite that we ought to change that word to "Hillpocrite".


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