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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another Strike Against Bush

Jeb Bush told the crowd in New Hampshire the other day that America has to work within the UN negotiation structure to find a way to reduce world wide carbon emissions.  Ten years ago, that statement would have made sense even if many would have disagreed.  Today, it is a good indication that Bush could never be president.

Emissions of carbon dioxide are the supposed basis for global warming.  The initial global warming scare was based upon predictions made by computer models over 20 years ago.  Earth was warming due to the greenhouse effect -- or so we were told.  Control of these emissions, and thereby control over all industry on the planet, was the only possible remedy.  Then reality set it.  We have now gone 18 years with no warming based upon the most accurate possible measurements of atmospheric temperatures.   The actual temperature data ALL fall OUTSIDE the predictions of the computer models to such a great extent that the models have been proven to be wrong.  That's science, not opinion.  What that means is that the move to control carbon emissions is nothing more than a massive government intrusion into the worldwide economy which will serve no purpose other than centralizing power in the government rather than in the private economy.

It would be fine for Bush to say that more study is needed to determine if global warming is real and man-made.  It is not fine for him to call to enmesh America's economy into more government control.


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